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Waffel-Burger: Auswechselbare Backplatte für Neumärker Backsystem
Waffle Burger Baking Plates | for Neumärker Baking System
Fancy a luscious waffle burger? Easy as pie! Stack some slices of dark and white chocolate with chocolate marshmallows, add some sprinkles and caramel sauce on top: There‘s your Chocolate Burger! Or do you prefer a...
art.-no. 31-40778
€299.00 *
Klappbarer Deckel für Würstchenwärmer Neumärker Hot-Dog
Hinged Lid for Neumärker Hot Dog Warmer
• Ideal for self-service or to make work easier for staff • Can be opened with one hand without having to take off the lid • Can be opened on both sides to operate the two compartments of the basket in the hot dog warmer
art.-no. 88-00006-05
€55.00 *
Diamant Grill: Kamado Smoker aus Edelstahl statt Keramikgrill
Diamant Grill Complete Set with Diamant Setting, Diamant Wings and Outdoor Wheels
The complete offer: The Diamant Grill Complete Set contains the basic equipment including the Diamant wings. Practical and with an impressive look. The stainless steel made Diamant Grill® offers an easy application and a large grill...
art.-no. 17-71502
€2,455.00 *
Diamant Grill: Edelstahl Kamado Smoker statt Keramikgrill
Diamant Grill Compact Set with Diamant Setting and Outdoor Wheels
Perfect if there is only little space: The Diamant Grill Compact Set contains the basic equipment without the Diamant wings, so that the grill does not take up as much space. The stainless steel made Diamant Grill® offers an easy...
art.-no. 17-71501
€2,280.00 *
Gas-Anschluss-Set Butan / Propan für Crepesgerät
Installation Set for Gas Crepes Makers
This product is only suitable for German gas connections. Please ask a local gas technician for the needed accessories.
art.-no. 9-40924-99
€186.00 *
Dispenser for disposable Gloves
• Practical wall dispenser for disposable gloves or towel boxes • Quick and hygienic taking of fresh gloves • Always at hand at the workspace • The boxes are simply inserted into the dispenser from above • Markings of the 3 openings with...
art.-no. 10-00002
€69.00 *
Holder for Folded Paper Towels
• Wall-Mount for standard folded paper towels • Suitable for zigzag fold, ply fold and interfold • Open construction: Easy taking of one or more towels • Quickly refillable from above • Completely made of stainless steel: Rust-free and...
art.-no. 10-00003
€89.00 *
Automatic Hand-Sanitiser Dispenser
• Capacity 1100 ml • Automatic detection of hands with infrared sensor • Transparent fill level cap • Dispensing 1 dose of 1 ml every 3 seconds • Can be opened for easy refilling • Drip pump mechanism: Only suitable for low-viscosity...
art.-no. 00-00019
€125.00 *
Wall-Mount for Pump Dispensers
• Suitable for common 250ml to 1000ml containers for soap or hand-sanitiser • Infinitely height-adjustable clamping range 110 up to 180 mm • 40 mm diameter of the opening for the neck of the bottle • Fixing the clamp with a screw...
art.-no. 10-00001
€49.00 *
Neumärker Galaxia Mars | Metallic Red
• Touch Injury Protection (TIP) vacuum hood: Optimal heat insulation which saves energy and prevents burning injuries • Smart Energy control unit: The separate regulation of the individual baking plates reduces energy consumption...
art.-no. 12-20201
€999.00 *
MyLogo Waffel 2go Development cost
Attracts attention. Stays in mind. Makes people happy. Your company logo as a waffle: • Inspire your customers and business partners with this charming marketing idea that will be remembered! • Whether at trade fairs, events, as a snack...
art.-no. 31-40777
€1,500.00 *
Pizza Baking Plates | for Neumärker Baking System
The new pizza baking plate transforms your baking system into a full-fledged small pizza oven. Of course the closed cooking chamber is also suitable to bake tarte flambee, foccacia, buns and bagels. • Closed cooking chamber Ø 300 x h 35...
art.-no. 31-40776
€399.00 *
SWiNG Baking System | The turnable waffle maker for changeable baking plates
SWiNG. The turning makes the difference: The turning after filling entirely allocates the dough within the baking plates. The direct contact to the baking plates creates a nice colour and and aesthetic shape. The outer layer works...
art.-no. 12-40420DT
€500.00 *
Brussels Waffle Baking Plates | for SWiNG Baking System
The traditional waffle of the Benelux region, the classic. This waffle is a really filing portion. The thick waffles are particularly fluffy when baked in a turnable waffle maker. • For 2 waffles of 105 x 165 x 34 mm • Non-stick coated...
art.-no. 31-40430
€299.00 *
Bubble Waffle Baking Plates | for SWiNG Baking System
The new trend! Bubble Waffle is the new star on street food festivals, fairs and in ice cream cafés. • Cult: The customers are queuing up! • High willingness to pay: Customers are paying particularly high prices for the waffle •...
art.-no. 31-40431
€299.00 *
Panini Grill Plates | for Neumärker Baking System
The panini grill plate turns your baking system into a full-blown contact grill. For bread rolls, toasts, flatbread and much more. • perfect for briefly crisping up sandwiches and paninis before serving • working surface 280 x 280 mm •...
art.-no. 31-40775
€299.00 *
FIFO™ Bottle for Dough
• First in - First out (FIFO): Bottle with additional opening at the bottom • sauces are bottled „from behind“ • first filled sauces are also first dispensed again • capacity 475 ml • dishwasher-suitable • with extra-wide dosing opening...
art.-no. 01-40263-02
€7.50 *
Spare Ice Pack for Dressing Bar
art.-no. 01-40263-00
€30.50 *
Neumärker Chromium Griddle Plate Medium
• chromium steel grill surface • faster heating-periods • efficient energy consumption • easy cleaning • electronic insulated from the hot grill plate • durable and ready for permanent use • working edge 80 mm high • 2 heating zones...
art.-no. 11-80189
€865.00 *
Neumärker Chromium Griddle Plate Mini
• chromium steel grill surface • faster heating-periods • efficient energy consumption • easy cleaning • electronic insulated from the hot grill plate • durable and ready for permanent use • working edge 80 mm high • pilot light • huge...
art.-no. 11-80188
€649.00 *
Half Cast Iron Grid | for Diamant Grill
Massive cast-iron grid for a perfect branding. The thickness of 15mm of this heavy grate stores the heat ideally and does not cool down when loaded with raw meat. The reversible grill has one side for a diamond-shaped branding and one...
art.-no. 17-80500
€125.00 *
Baguette Waffle Baking Plates | for Neumärker Baking System
The baguette baskets can be filled very creatively. Ice cream, fruit salad or with a salty dough ideally for mushrooms, vegetables, salads… • for 3 pieces of 75 x 165 x 40 mm • 20 mm filling depth of the baguette baskets • non-stick...
art.-no. 31-40765
€299.00 *
Diamant Settings
• the stable Diamant Setting provides the Diamant Grill® with a safe stand • the surface is finished with a black powder-coating • height-adjustable feet ensure high stability even on slightly uneven ground • the working height of the...
art.-no. 17-71600
€295.00 *
Rocking Cutter
Made of stainless steel with a hard wood handle. For a quick cutting of pizzas even with thick toppings.
art.-no. 17-71735
€32.01 *
Stainless steel tools with oak handles.
art.-no. 17-71731
€35.01 *
Grill Plate
The classic BBQ pattern creates a perfect grill branding on your meat. With convenient handles to remove the plate easily from the grill and to place it on the table. You can also take the whole plate after the smoking process and finish...
art.-no. 17-71729
€140.01 *
Grill Pan
With removable handle. The open grid exposes the food to heat, smoke and flavour and creates thus a nice branding on your meat. Cast aluminium with high-quality non-stick coating and 9 mm thick bottom. Dimensions: Ø 320 x h 40 mm.
art.-no. 17-71728
€88.01 *
Organic Cleaner | Spray Bottle of 500 ml
The solution for your dirty grid. The cleaner is completely organic. The unique gel power formula unblocks soot and burned residues easily. Spray bottle with 500 ml content.
art.-no. 17-71727
€12.01 *
Pizza Peel
Robust, light aluminium with a natural wood handle. Enables you to remove big pizzas from the Diamant Grill®.
art.-no. 17-71726
€42.01 *
Spare Brush Head for Dual Handle Monster Brush
art.-no. 17-71724
€13.01 *
Dual Handle Monster Brush®
2 handle design for extra leverage and easy cleaning. With interchangeable stainless steel bristles that reach all gaps of the grid and equipped with a scraper for thick crustifications.
art.-no. 17-71723
€37.01 *
Baking Glove
Must-Have for baking and grilling. insulating quilted and fire resistant. Made of cotton and polyester.
art.-no. 17-71722
€18.01 *
Pit Paws
Aramid fibre gloves as a pair: Cotton and polyester lining, skid-proof silicone textured surface outside.
art.-no. 17-71721
€42.01 *
Pit Mitt®
Aramid fibre glove with a soft cotton lining that allows the user to handle hot items. The Pit Mitt® is suitable for the left or the right hand. The surface has a silicone texture for superior grip on both sides of the glove.
art.-no. 17-71720
€34.01 *
Hamburger Press
For 2 burgers of approx. 250 g. The concentric rings ensure even cooking with less sticking on the grill.
art.-no. 17-71719
€22.01 *
Grill Tong
Robust quality with elegant rosewood handle. Extra long shafts keep your hands cool. The safety lock secures the tong when it is closed.
art.-no. 17-71718
€23.01 *
Chrome Steel Grid
The stable and large Diamant Grill® grid made of high-quality chrome steel generates a very detailed branding on your meat and fish. Diameter 64 cm.
art.-no. 17-71715
€158.01 *
Second Level Grid
With the Second Level Grid you create an additional heating zone with lower temperature. Keep your ready roasted food warm or cook it gently. The second level is completely made of stainless steel and equipped with a water tub that...
art.-no. 17-71714
€140.01 *
Veggie Grill Topper
The small gaps ensure the soft heat contact and the absorption of the typical BBQ taste. It is very easy to grill vegetables, seafood, mushrooms and other food that could fall through the grid. The stainless steel Grill Topper is also...
art.-no. 17-71713
€147.01 *
Multifuntional accessory for the slow cooking of roasts and spare ribs. Reversible: One side is a space-saving rack to broil your ribs upright, the other side is a basket for roast beef, poultry and other big pieces. The meat is cooked...
art.-no. 17-71712
€94.01 *
Baking Stone
Whether you are baking pizza, farmer‘s bread, ciabatta or snack buns: Your food becomes crispy with an orginial italian stone baking oven style flavour. Dimensions: Ø 419 x h 10 mm.
art.-no. 17-71710
€68.01 *
Grid Lifter
For the quick and easy removing of the Diamant Grill® chrome steel grid. Furthermore you can separate the charcoal in the grill from the ash.
art.-no. 17-71705
€30.00 *
Chicken Roaster Bob
For incomparable juicy and tasty poultry. The turkey or the chicken is being placed upright on the tube in order to create an evenly crispy skin. You can put beer or wine into the container to add unique flavours to your meat. The...
art.-no. 17-71703
€140.01 *
Lid Thermometer for Diamant Grill
art.-no. 17-71725
€55.01 *
Gasket Kit | 16 felt stripes
art.-no. 17-71716
€58.01 *
Premium Charcoal | bag of 10 kg
Made of 100% natural hardwood from farming and forestry growing and leftover, completely without additives. The Premium Charcoal ensures a very long lasting and even glowing to grill over several hours without adding new charcoal....
art.-no. 17-71700
€23.50 *
Salt Plate Cleaner
With this cleaner you can keep your salt plate always in prime condition for grilling and serving. The nylon brushes clean the surface gently while the stainless steel blade removes strong crustifications.
art.-no. 17-71734
€19.01 *
Himalaya Salt Plate
Recommended by both health and culinary experts, Himalayan salt is one of the purest salts found on earth. It is rich in trace minerals and fosters respiratory and vascular health. The plate of massive Himalayan salt can be placed with...
art.-no. 17-71732
€65.01 *
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