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Snack Cup Eco | Box of 1000 pieces
• Environmentally friendly snack cup for Take-Away • Very easy to handle: Holds exactly one serving of waffle fries or one bubble waffle • Also suitable for wraps and numerous other snacks • The stable material has a very high quality...
art.-no. 00-40003
€169.00 *
SWiNG Baking System | The turnable waffle maker for changeable baking plates
SWiNG. The turning makes the difference: The turning after filling entirely allocates the dough within the baking plates. The direct contact to the baking plates creates a nice colour and and aesthetic shape. The outer layer works...
art.-no. 12-40420DT
€500.00 *
Bubble Waffle Baking Plates | for SWiNG Baking System
The new trend! Bubble Waffle is the new star on street food festivals, fairs and in ice cream cafés. • Cult: The customers are queuing up! • High willingness to pay: Customers are paying particularly high prices for the waffle •...
art.-no. 31-40431
€299.00 *
Cornet Stand
stainless steel
art.-no. 10-40005
€20.40 *
Cornets | 1000 pieces
• white paper • thickness approx. 100 g/m2 • oil-resistant • stand not included
art.-no. 05-40000
€69.50 *
Bubble-Waffle-Mix | box of 10 kg (10x 1 kg)
Ideal for fairs and festivals. Only water is needed for the preparation! So you can mix new dough occasionally, quick and easy. • Dough ready mix for the preparation of Bubble Waffles • without adding fresh ingredients • only water is...
art.-no. 05-20132
€92.00 *

The Bubble Waffle Trailer by Multitrailer

New! Powered by Neumärker. Fully equipped, immediately ready for the sale of the Hong Kong Waffles.
This trailer you is perfect for street food festivals, fairs or markets.

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- Large foldable advertising boards
- Lowered axis
- Incl. 2 Neumärker waffle makers for Bubble Waffles
- 350 liters double convection refrigerator
- Freezer for ice cream
- Cooled inserts for toppings
- Kitchen sink

Beautiful interior design

- Worktop front stainless steel
- Worktop rear Sealand decor
- Cash drawer
- Wall unit
- Base cabinet
- Large chalkboard foil
- counter lighting LED
- Indirect ceiling lights
- LED stripes under the canopy