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Crepesgerät Gas
Economic Crepes Gas 2.0
• Even heat distribution over the entire crepes maker: The burner is 8-armed and star-shaped • Improved ignition system: The piezo igniter is integrated in the regulator • The new regulator is made of particularly robust plastic: Easy to...
art.-no. 05-40927N
€575.00 *
Neumärker Crepeseisen Gas
Gas Crepes Maker | Power Crepes Gas I 2.0
• Professional crepe maker gas for catering and gastronomy • For indoor and outdoor use • Ideal fora crepe stand or ice cream parlour • Even heat distribution over the entire gas crepe maker due to the large 8-armed star-shaped burner •...
art.-no. 05-40924N
€899.00 *
Neumärker Crepesplatte Gas
Gas Crepes Maker | Power Crepes Gas II 2.0
• Professional crepes plate gas for indoor and outdoor use • The large star-shaped burner with 8 arms ensures even heat distribution on the cast iron plate • The optimised regulator is particularly easy to grip and made of a new, robust...
art.-no. 05-40925N
€1,525.00 *
Crepes Gas
• stainless steel casing • baking plate Ø 400 mm - removable • for propane/butan gas • nozzle for natural gas is enclosed • gas consumption 233 g/h
art.-no. 05-40913
€444.40 * €424.00 *