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La Crêperie - The rectangular crepe

Rechteckige Crepes auf der Crepesplatte
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• Crepes machine with dough spreading system for baking fresh rectangular mini crepes •... more
La Crêperie - The rectangular crepe
• Crepes machine with dough spreading system for baking fresh rectangular mini crepes
• Particularly easy to use: With the dough spreading trolley you apply the batter evenly thin to the baking plate. Your crepes will turn out perfectly.
• Quick and clean: No spilling with a ladle. As soon as the storage container is filled with dough, you can produce without interruption. And the working area stays clean!
• Ideal for street food festivals, funfairs or markets: With La Crêperie, you can bake up to 120 crepes per hour
• Space-saving: Only about 95 x 30 cm of floor space is required.
• Thermostatic control
• Stainless steel casing
• Baking plate non-stick coated (Do not use metal tools on the baking plate!)
• Baking plate dimensions: 497 x 200 mm
• Dough container 5 liters
• Due to the vertical design of La Crêperie there is no need for additional space for a dough container or a water bowl. A working area for topping the crepes is also not required. While the crepe finishes baking after turning, you can do this directly on the baking plate.
• The rectangular crepe offers additional serving possibilities. You can ideally roll it up and, for examle, cut it into slices to offer it as sushi crepes.
• Instead of individual crepes, you can also bake a continuous long crepe
La Crêperie - The rectangular crepe
Voltage 230V
Supply frequency 50Hz
Electric power 2,11 kW
Width x depth x height 824/945 x 264 x 100/484 mm
Working area 497 x 200 mm
La Crêperie - The rectangular crepe
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