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Steamblend FRX-180 | Fluffy creams by micropuréeing frozen food

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• The Neumärker Steamblend is used to micropuree pre-portioned food preparations with... more
Steamblend FRX-180 | Fluffy creams by micropuréeing frozen food

• The Neumärker Steamblend is used to micropuree pre-portioned food preparations with overpressure, directly from the freezer, without having to defrost them first
• The frozen food is milled off in fine layers and blended into a fluffy cream while air is added to it at a pressure of 0.5 bar
• The resulting cream can then be served, heated or further processed
• Fresh ice creams and sorbets, light and airy mousses and creams, soups, farces and fillings or even cocktails are prepared in no time
• Application:
1. Preparation: Fill the fresh ingredients into the portion cups and fill them up with a liquid of choice (e.g. fruits with fresh juice, fish or meat with cream for a farce, vegetables with stock for fine cream soups)
2. Deep-freezing: The pre-portioned cups are deep frozen at -20°C. The portion cups can be stacked in the freezer to save space
3. Micropureeing: If required, the portion cups are prepared à la minute in the Neumärker Steamblend
• Processing of ready-to-serve frozen portions always ensures fresh ingredients
• Micropureeing creates particularly creamy, delicate and airy textures with volume
• Ice cream and sorbets have the ideal serving temperature after the preparation in the Steamblend
• Salmon or poultry farces are pureed to a particular fine consistency
• Intensive farces and soups can be prepared with fresh herbs
• When micropureeing frozen ingredients, the natural flavours are preserved, unfolded as a fine mousse and the taste experience is intensified
• The natural, fresh colours and nutrients of the food are preserved during preparation
• The principle of micropureeing frozen ingredients was initially used mainly by top chefs in haute cuisine, but is now a process used in many ambitious restaurant kitchens. The Steamblend is particularly popular in molecular cuisine
• The Neumärker Steamblend increases flexibility in the professional kitchen: The frozen preparations are available at any time and can be used directly for service or mise en place
• Optimum cost efficiency in the kitchen and use of the complete purchased ingredients:
1. Even vegetable stems or fruit peel can be used micropureed
2. The fresh ingredients are immediately stored frozen
3. Only ingredients that are needed are prepared portion-wise
• The frozen ingredients in the portion cup ensure particularly hygienic storage and an uninterrupted cold chain when removing individual portions
• 2 speed levels: 2 minutes (Start) or 1 minute (Fast) for micropureeing a portion cup, depending on the preparation and desired consistency
• With quick cleaning function for cleaning the blades occasionally
• Maximum filling capacity of the portion cups with ingredients before pureeing: 150 ml. Total volume 300 ml (approx. 72 x 72 x 95 mm)
• Portion cups suitable for microwave and dishwasher
• Milling speed 2000 rpm
• Air pressure 0.5 bar
• The stainless steel blade sets have 2 blade arms to mill off extremely thin layers of the frozen preparation and 2 arms to optimally blend the supplied air with the ingredients to form a fluffy cream
• Included in delivery: 2 stainless steel blade sets, 1 plastic stirring blade, 2 seals, 2 stainless steel cup holders, 5 portion cups with lids, blade removal tool
Steamblend FRX-180 | Fluffy creams by micropuréeing frozen food
Voltage 230V
Supply frequency 50HZ / 60Hz
Electric power 750 W
Width x depth x height 205 x 330 x 495 mm
Content / Capacity 150 / 300 ml
Steamblend FRX-180 | Fluffy creams by micropuréeing frozen food