Electric Top Heat Grill 800 Pro

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Electric instead of gas: Can be used anywhere • Designed for professional use • Quality from... more
Electric Top Heat Grill 800 Pro
Electric instead of gas: Can be used anywhere • Designed for professional use • Quality from German manufacturing

More than 800°C
For the finest caramelised crust while the steaks stay tender and juicy inside. The intensive temperature creates a particularly strong roasting aroma. This way a good steak becomes a real gourmet pleasure.

Perfect steaks
For a long time high-temperature top heatgrills had been the secret tip of the best steak restaurants in New York.

Only top heating
No burning of the juices emerging from the meat. These can be collected in a tray and can thus be used for the preparation of delicious sauces.

• Electric high-temperature top heat grill for professional application
• Temperature range 100° up to 800°C
• In contrast to gas-powered top heat grills ready to plug in: Can also be used anywhere indoor
• Extends the quality of food on small space and sets new standards in the shortest possible preparation time
• Due to the high heat the surface proteins of the meat caramelize (Maillard reaction): A golden brown crust develops and gives the steak the tasty roasted flavours
• The „shock heating“ ensures that less meat juice escapes and the steak remains tender and juicy
• The meat taste is significantly intensified
• Particularly space-saving: Also suitable for small catering concepts
• Designed for professional continuous application
• Extremely short heat-up time
• Produced in a traditional German manufactory
• One-hand height adjustment: Easy to adjust almost continuously at any time
• Easy cleaning: The rails in the interior can be removed quickly and easily
• The infrared-permeable ceramic glass pane protects the radiator from dirt and can easily be removed for cleaning
• High-performance heating element with particularly high power density
• Besides steaks also perfect for fish, crème brûlée, soufflés or to give vegetables a fine roasting flavour
• Made of stainless steel
• Durable 120 mm cast aluminum fan
• Display for time and temperature
• Interior size 200 x 350 x 250 mm
• Stainless steel round grid 185 x 270 mm
• Usable grill area 175 x 250 mm
• Knob made of aluminum
Electric Top Heat Grill 800 Pro
Voltage 230V
Supply frequency 50Hz
Electric power 2 kW
Width x depth x height 260 x 480 x 420 mm
Working area 175 x 250 mm