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Maintenance Kit for TopShot
• manual • 3 brushes • 8 EPDM ring sealings • 2 overflow sealings • 2 syringes for flushing the pipes • 1 screwdriver
art.-no. 06-70338-02
€89.90 *
Bottle Adapter for TopShot
• Liquor bottles can be placed directly onto the dispenser • The customer immediately recognizes the familiar bottle on the device • No transfer of the liqueur to the container of the TopShot and no subsequent cleaning • Suitable for...
art.-no. 06-70338-03
€72.00 *
Cleaning Kit for TopShot
For the particularly quick and easy daily cleaning. Instead of filling the TopShot's beverage container with water to rinse the machine at the end of the day, the additional cleaning container can be used. So you can use the original...
art.-no. 06-70338-01
€89.90 *
4 cl Dosing Unit for TopShot
Alternative dosing unit for the TopShot for tapping 4 cl.
art.-no. 06-70338-00
€28.50 *