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Diamant Grill: Kamado Smoker aus Edelstahl statt Keramikgrill
Diamant Grill Complete Set with Diamant Setting, Diamant Wings and Outdoor Wheels
The complete offer: The Diamant Grill Complete Set contains the basic equipment including the Diamant wings. Practical and with an impressive look. The stainless steel made Diamant Grill® offers an easy application and a large grill...
art.-no. 17-71502
€2,700.50 *
Diamant Grill: Edelstahl Kamado Smoker statt Keramikgrill
Diamant Grill Compact Set with Diamant Setting and Outdoor Wheels
Perfect if there is only little space: The Diamant Grill Compact Set contains the basic equipment without the Diamant wings, so that the grill does not take up as much space. The stainless steel made Diamant Grill® offers an easy...
art.-no. 17-71501
€2,508.00 *
Set of outdoor wheels for Diamant Setting
• 4 castors of Ø 100 x 32 mm • with 2 fixing brakes • stainless steel • solid rubber wheels • bush bearings • carrying capacity 80 kg each
art.-no. 17-71620
€93.50 *
Diamant Wings
• the convenient Diamant Wings offer an ideal deposit for plates and tools • at one level with the grill surface • the wings facilitate the loading of the grill and the removal of the ready cooked food • dimensions of the boards: each...
art.-no. 17-71610
€192.50 *
Diamant Settings
• the stable Diamant Setting provides the Diamant Grill® with a safe stand • the surface is finished with a black powder-coating • height-adjustable feet ensure high stability even on slightly uneven ground • the working height of the...
art.-no. 17-71600
€324.50 *
Diamant Grill
The stainless steel made Diamant Grill® offers an easy application and a large grill surface of 64 cm diameter. It‘s the perfect outdoor kitchen for professional chefs or for pleasant barbecue dinners. The Diamant Grill® should be...
art.-no. 17-71500
€2,090.00 *