Heat Deflector

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This is the most important accessory to turn your Dia-mant Grill® into a professional kitchen.... more
Heat Deflector
This is the most important accessory to turn your Dia-mant Grill® into a professional kitchen. The deflector is placed between the hot charcoal and the food to protect your meals from the intensive direct heat. A hot air flow is being created under the lid which ensures an even heat like in a convection oven and allows versatile cooking possibilities. The deflector prevents the dripping of fat and juice onto the charcoal which could result in harmful substances. At the same time you can use the deflector as a water tub to cook your food gently in hot steam. By using only one of the half-tubs you can divide the Diamant Grill® into one heating zone for direct heat and another heating zone for indirect cooking. The deflector is made of easy to clean stainless steel.
Heat Deflector
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