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Twist Pop® Ready-Mix
A special dough mix for the Cake Pop Maker to prepare a delicious sweet cake that does ideally grip onto the stick. The dough just has to be mixed with water and butter to facilitate the production. So even when you are outdoors the...
art.-no. 05-20131
€68.00 *
box of 10 kg (10x 1 kg)
Since no fresh ingredients are required the dough can easily be prepared occassionally. After adding water and oil you can directly start baking your crêpes. • without adding fresh ingredients • only water and oil is needed, so the dough...
art.-no. 05-20136
€59.50 *
box of 10 kg (10x 1 kg)
Through adding fresh eggs and margarine this mix is the basis for ambitious waffle chefs • preparation: 1 kg mix + 8 eggs + 500 g margarine • 10 kg mix make approx. 80 Brussels Waffles / approx. 180 Lolly Waffles / approx. 100 big Heart...
art.-no. 05-20120
€56.50 *
box of 10 kg (10x 1 kg)
Without adding fresh ingredients. Only water is required! So the dough can be prepared occasionally without any big effort. As a result you can directly start baking. There is no easier way! • without adding fresh ingredients • only...
art.-no. 05-20122
€59.50 *