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Snack Cup Eco
Box of 1000 pieces
• Environmentally friendly snack cup for Take-Away • Very easy to handle: Holds exactly one serving of waffle fries or one bubble waffle • Also suitable for wraps and numerous other snacks • The stable material has a very high quality...
art.-no. 00-40003
€196.04 *
SWiNG Baking System
The turnable waffle maker for changeable baking plates
SWiNG. The turning makes the difference: The turning after filling entirely allocates the dough within the baking plates. The direct contact to the baking plates creates a nice colour and and aesthetic shape. The outer layer works...
art.-no. 12-40420DT
€580.00 *
Waffle Fries Baking Plates
Hey, they look like fries! The sweet waffle sticks are the perfect snack for a walk through the city or a visit on a Christmas market. • Fun design: Witty shaped waffles as local cult snack • Originality: Distinguish your business from...
art.-no. 31-40433
€346.84 *
Sample of 500 g
The easy solution for freshly baked waffles. Do you know our Waffle-Ready-Mix? The ready mixture just has to be stirred with water. So the dough can be prepared occassionally without any big efford. As a result you can directly start...
art.-no. 999982
€11.48 *
Cornet Stand
stainless steel
art.-no. 10-40005
€23.66 *
1000 pieces
• white paper • thickness approx. 85g/m2 • oil-resistant • stand not included
art.-no. 05-40000
€80.62 *
Multi Function Waffle Grid
• a rack to cool down and garnish the waffles • crumbs, sugar etc. fall into the crumb drawer • your working space stays clean • stainless steel
art.-no. 10-10060
€75.28 *
Sauce Dispenser 2x 3 liters
• suitable for self-service • for for ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard or other sauces • stainless steel • 2 pumps • without heating • 2 removable plastic containers of 3 liters capacity
art.-no. 05-51532
€1,104.32 *
box of 10 kg (10x 1 kg)
Without adding fresh ingredients. Only water is required! So the dough can be prepared occasionally without any big effort. As a result you can directly start baking. There is no easier way! • without adding fresh ingredients • only...
art.-no. 05-20122
€62.48 *